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Tree Support Systems and When They're Needed

Trees are complex, living, and changing. That means that sometimes part of a tree can be healthy, while another part needs some extra support. By adding support where needed, you can help your tree to live a longer and healthier life.

Tree Support System in Action

When to choose a tree support system

Tree support systems may extend the life of a tree and/or reduce the risk of mechanical failure. Often trees can grow with co-dominant stems or multiple tops leading to junctions between the stems coming out of the trunk. These junctions are often considered the weakest portion of a healthy tree.

Tree Being Support By Support System

If it looks like the junction on one of your trees is potentially unhealthy or at risk of failure, it is important to get a professional opinion. For instances like this and many others, a tree support system should be considered to reduce the risk of failure if a tree is posing a threat to property and/or people. Although tree support systems cannot completely eliminate the potential hazard completely, they can reduce the risk of failure to an acceptable level.

So, how do tree support systems work?

One example of a tree support system is the installation of a dynamic cable system. This solution helps the trees to produce supporting wood where needed, allows them to sway, and over time, can aid a tree in growing stronger.

Take the next step

Our team at Rain City Tree Works is ready and knowledgable to answer any of your questions regarding support systems. We'll visit your property within days to take a look at the tree and inform you of the best course of action.


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