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Crane assisted tree removal

Crane Assist

Cranes are often an important tool to get the job done safely and effectively. Utilizing a crane for trimming and removal when possible can save time and money and vastly decrease potential for collateral damage to surrounding areas. Our crews have countless hours of experience working with cranes. 

Tree removal with crane assist
crane assist tree removal over house

When is a crane needed?

Crane-assisted tree removal is often the safest solution when it comes to weak or unstable trees. It is especially necessary when a tree is close to or towering over a home, business, or other highly trafficked area.

When using a crane, a tree doesn't fall in the same way as felling, it is instead carefully removed and lifted out of the area piece by piece. This is important to maintain the safety of structures around it. 

Unsure if a crane is necessary for your tree?

Common crane questions

What happens to the pieces of the tree after they are removed?

As the pieces of the tree are carefully lifted out vertically by the crane, they are placed in a safe area nearby called the "drop zone". This area is where the tree removal crew will then use power tools to cut the wood down to smaller sizes. Often trees are very large and cutting the wood helps with transportation. The remaining branches will then be put through a chipper where they can be reused as mulch.

Is removing with a crane always the best option?

The use case for removing a tree with a crane often depends on how closely located the tree is to structures and buildings nearby. Depending on the location, ease of access, and type of tree, a professional arborist will decide if the best option is felling or using a crane. Removing a tree using a crane can often greatly reduce the likelihood of the tree falling and damaging structures nearby during the removal process. Arborists will often choose to utilize cranes when the tree is hard to reach and there are buildings or other obstacles in the way.

Are workers trained to operate cranes?

Yes! At Rain City Tree Works, our team is highly specialized in tree removal using cranes. The set up process is precise calculating the slope of the ground, size of the tree, and all variables to make sure that the crane is stabilized and ready for action. Although tree removal by crane has many differences than felling, they also have similarities. During tree removal by crane, a climber still attaches themselves to the tree and uses a chain saw to cut away pieces that will then be removed by the crane using heavy duty straps or cables. Crane operators are trained to work with the climber using headsets and constant communication. 

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