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Tree Removal Services

Tree Removal

There are multiple reasons a tree may need to be removed. If you suspect a tree's root system or the visible tree itself is structurally impaired, it is often time to get professionals involved. The tree climbing experts at Rain City Tree Works can help you get down to the root of the problem, assessing risk and managing hazards.

Safe Tree Removal
Is your tree becoming a hazard? Learn more below.
Damaged Tree Routes


Root system is compromised

Root damage can be caused by digging and trenching during construction, environmental conditions, site conditions, and more. Roots are essential for the nutrition of a tree. Preventing damage to roots is very important as once they are damaged there is very little that can be done.


Structure of the tree is poor

Tree structure is important to the overall health and longevity of the tree. An unstable or weak tree can be a hazard especially if there are buildings or driveways nearby. When assessing the structure of trees, it is important to bring in a trained arborist. Trees can often recover from damage with the correct pruning, branch removal, or support systems. When this is not the case, a professional can remove the tree safely.

Damaged Tree Structure
Visible Tree Decay


Excessive decay visible

Tree decay and rot is a process that is hard to stop if it is not caught early. Symptoms of tree decay include holes and cracks in the bark, discoloration or sparse leaf coverage, fungi visible on the tree, soft sections of the tree, crumbling bark, and more. Not all of these signs will be present to the untrained eye and it is best to have a professional look into the overall health of the tree.

Tree decay can cause enormous hazard to people and structures by suddenly breaking apart or falling. If your tree is at risk of causing damage and needs to be assessed removed, the trained arborists and Rain City are the ones for the job.



Are leaves falling off your tree even if it is getting enough water? Do you see black, brown or yellow spots on the leaves? Well, these signs along with many others can leave you to suspect that your tree is infested. To understand at a deeper level what is invading your tree, a trained arborist is needed to diagnose and choose the best path forward whether it is suggesting a tree treatment or removal of the tree entirely to mitigate hazard.

Tree Infestation
Reasons for tree removal

After a tree is assessed by a knowledgable professional, they may decide removal is the best option. In addition to risk management, trees are removed for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:


  • Promoting better health of surrounding trees

  • Land clearing for new structures or landscaping

  • View improvement and aesthetics

Rain City climbing arborists are experts in tree removal. We employ the most up-to-date techniques and tools to ensure that your tree work is carried out safely and efficiently with as little impact to the surrounding area as possible.

Reasons for Tree Removal
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