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Tree Pruning, trimming, and cabling

Pruning, Trimming, & Cabling

Pruning itself is the most common tree maintenance procedure. It is of the upmost importance to maintain safety, tree structure, and overall health of your trees. 

Rain city tree works tree trimming
tree branch removal
tree removal from front yard

What is pruning?

From canopy cleaning to thinning and lifting the crown, removing dead branches to shaping and fine pruning, we will keep your trees looking their best. Our crews are experienced in all types of pruning for both maintenance and hazard reduction. 

There are seven types of pruning including crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown reduction, crown restoration, utility pruning, and tree topping. When it comes to what the pruning looks like, it is up to the customer. After safety and health concerns have been addressed, the look and feel of the pruning should satisfy the customer's goals while making the tree aesthetically pleasing.

Want more in-depth information?

Learn more about the 7 types of pruning on our blog

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