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Tree Bucket Truck Services

Bucket Truck
(Aerial Lift)

Accessing branches high off the ground or trimming back parts of trees, can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Bucket trucks, often referred to as aerial lifts provide professionals easy access to hard to reach trees for trimming, pruning, or removal. Our team is highly trained to safely operate this equipment, getting the job done faster and more efficiently.

Unsure if you need a bucket truck for the job?
Rain City Tree Works Bucket Truck In Action

Why opt for a bucket truck?

There are many reasons why a bucket truck for tree services is helpful as they:​

  • provide safer access to hard to reach areas

  • are controlled by skilled operators making the job more efficient and faster

  • often can be parked a safe distance away from the tree to protect nearby plants and shrubbery

  • can be maneuvered around obstacles for safer, less intrusive work

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