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5 Steps To Prepare For An Upcoming Tree Service

Rain City Tree Works Crew On Site

When it comes time for your trees to be serviced, there are important steps you can take to make sure your property is prepared. Your safety and happiness with the job are of the utmost importance to our team. Completing these steps before the team arrives helps ensure the safety of you, your belongings, and the team.

If these steps are not completed before the team arrives, it can take longer for work to get started and completed. So read on and make sure your property is prepped and ready for tree service.

Clear driveway

If the tree work is located near your driveway, please be sure to move any cars, trailers, or other equipment to a safe location. During the tree service process, debris lands on the ground and your belongings could be compromised.

Street parking cleared

Our team and trucks need a place to park safely and in close proximity during work. Please make sure to clear parking areas to ensure room for equipment.

Animal Waste

Animal waste left in the yard causes disruption to the work environment and makes for quite a messy situation. Ensure all animal waste is cleared before the team arrives.

Kids Bike in cleared yard

Toys & Debris

Make sure to remove any children’s toys or other materials/debris from the general area. This is important to make sure the toys and materials stay intact and are not harmed by any debris falling during the process of tree removal, pruning, etc.

Garbage Day

Is the day the team is scheduled to arrive also garbage day? Please let the team know so they can plan accordingly.

For the Rain City Tree Works team, your safety, our safety, and providing the best service are top priorities. Completing these steps prior to your tree service date helps to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team beforehand and we will work with you to set the day up for success.

Contact the RCTW team with any questions at (425) 395-4269.


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